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The night is dark as I awake alone

wondering where she might be

so I slip my slippers on

slide outside the bedroom door

and tiptoe to the living room.

I’m not even to the steps

yet I can already smell the petrichor

dust dancing against our floors.

I descend downwards

and to my surprise

droplets of wet drip down my nightgown

speckling my black hair

like the night sky.

I look up and am greeted by rain

passive passengers parting through my ceiling

as if it weren’t there at all.

In the darkness

I see a solitary light

obscured by our bedsheet.

She is huddled within

and tells me to take cover

to escape the gentle drizzle.

Soon the drops drop harder

and we stand in the silence

the rain continuing to pour.

We are both soaked

yet she shines the same

a smile on her face

She watches in wonder.

I take her hand.

We watch together.



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