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5 Greatest Botanical Gardens in Indonesia

Arboretum is a land planted with various sorts of plants meant for collection, study as well as conservation functions as well. Additionally, arboretums are normally made use of as an alternate tourist location for most citizens that want to appreciate the elegance as well as lavish big trees that are progressively uncommon in city locations.

The presence of botanical garden is very useful for the earth due to the fact that the number of trees in city areas are obtaining smaller while at the same time the amount of contamination produced by people are increasing.

Indonesia itself has several botanical gardens spread throughout the nation, from the smallest to the largest. Here is a list from iTrip Wisata of the 5 most significant arboretums in Indonesia.

1. Kuningan Arboretum

Kuningan Botanical Gardens, located in West Java, has an area of about 160 hectares and also makes it the biggest arboretum in Indonesia. Unlike the typical botanical gardens which are colonial-made botanical garden, Kuningan Arboretum is pure botanical garden made by Indonesian.

Kuningan Arboretum is positioned at the foot of Mount Ciremai, precisely in Padabeunghar Village, Pasawahan Area, Kuningan Area, West Java. It is about one hour and 20 mins from the center of Kuningan City as well as 1.5 hrs from the City of Cirebon.

Kuningan Arboretum is quite unique park because virtually along the road to the arboretum is filled with rocks. You will be surprised, as far as the eye can see, there are stunning hills, questionable trees that border the gardens and gorgeous thematic zones such as Rock Yard, Taman Awi (bamboo garden), Ciremai Endemic Park and much more.

2. Eka Karya Botanical Garden

Likewise called Bedugul Arboretum, this park has a location of 157 hectares. This botanical garden lies in Candikuning Town, Baturiti Area, Bedugul, Bali, around 60 km from Denpasar City. This garden which is exist at an elevation of 1,250-1,400 meters over water level was produced in 1959.

Eka Karya management is performed by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and company framework is under the assistance of Bogor Botanical Gardens Conservation Facility. This botanical garden has a collection of 16,000 plants with 1,500 varieties, 320 category, 155 plant people.

3. Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Garden has an area of 87 hectares. Situated on Jl. Ir H Juanda No. 13 Bogor, this garden was inaugurated in 1817 by the Governor-General G.A.G.Ph Van Der Capellen. The collection of one of the most well-known plants in this arboretum is Bunga Bangkai (Rafflesia Arnoldii) which is the biggest flower worldwide that can reach 2 meters in height.

Bogor Botanical Gardens has a location of 87 hectares. The garden, which has a collection of 15,000 types of trees as well as plants, is used as an area for research and development of economic-value plants and also native Indonesian plants.

Bogor Botanical Gardens has a number of clinical facilities which are the Bogoriense Herbarium, the Bogor Zoological Museum along with the Collection. As a result, every weekend the Bogor arboretums are typically checked out as visitor destinations and likewise at the same time as an educational location for schoolchildren.

4. Cibodas Botanical Garden

Cibodas Arboretum is one of the interesting tourist destinations located in the complex forest of Mount Gede Pangrango, Cianjur, West Java. This yard offers the elegance of an eco-friendly natural landscape that matches the unique hillside view. Located at an altitude of 1,275 meters above sea level, this Wisata Batam Terbaru park is very beautiful and comfortable to visit.

Cibodas Arboretum was founded in 1852 by Johannes Elias Teijsmann. One of the most typical collection of Cibodas Botanical Garden is the Taman Lumut Cibodas (Cibodas Moss Yard) which has 216 types. Cibodas Botanical Garden has an area of around 80 hectares. The stretch of eco-friendly park with the color of rows of trees as well as well maintained yard can be a location to unwind. Moreover, there are likewise a number of fountain pools that can make vacationers feel welcome while there.

5. Purwodadi Botanical Garden

Purwodadi Arboretum has an area of 85 hectares, located in the town of Purwodadi, Pasuruan, East Java. This arboretum was founded in 1941 by Dr. Lourens Gerhard Marinus Baas Becking. In the beginning this yard was utilized for research activities on haciendas. After that in 1954 began to apply the fundamentals of farming begun by making terrace of collection plants.

This botanical garden has 10,000 kinds of tree and plant collections. The management of this yard is under the responsibility of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Found at an altitude of 300 meters over sea level, making the climate likewise relatively great. Ideal as a choice of visitor destinations with friend or family.

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