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At 20,000 Feet

the perilous ground is a bottomless ocean

Lights twinkle

Beckoning distant ships to shore


Like lovers who speak different languages.

Zoom in

And that sea becomes a sea compounded

The dark abyss melts into a blinding cosmos

Go supernova

And you can see the blood

and the ventricles and the arteries of us.

Zoom in

To the pattern. The repetition.

The pattern

The repetition

The houses at attention

The illusion of neighborhoods quiet

Tension does not live here

Like it does in all things

And it hushes the houses

Quiets the coyotes

While the moon watches.

Zoom in

On the smell of a frozen lake

A lake you’ve never skated before

But know

You think about this lake when you

Drift into the unconscious

A subconscious that you move in

You swim through

and shiver

as you fling ink at paper

hoping it sticks

Is the pattern transferable?

You think of starting with the big picture.



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