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Love as the Study of Linguistics

They say that love must be easy.

That it must come naturally,

Like filling your lungs with air

Or convincing your heart to beat.

I see it differently.

Love is the study of linguistics,

Like learning to speak a language

For the very first time

Until it flows through you

As naturally as

the blood in your veins.

It starts from a place of

Complete and utter confusion.

It is stumbling over sentences.

It is vexing over vocabulary.

It is misunderstanding

And miscommunicating.

And it is apologizing.

So much apologizing.

But learning.

So much learning.

It is failing so utterly

And so completely

Because it is the process

Of explaining the inexplicable

Understanding the unexplainable

With passion and fire,

Lightning bolts and thunder.

It is sailing into the wall

Of the storm knowing that

There’s a beauty in its eye

So captivating that

You are left speechless.

And when it is right,

It is worth all the late nights

And studying

And frustration.

It is by no means easy.

But it is worth it.



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