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Upon the moors a lonely house

And man live out their days,

Two shadows in a shadowed land,

Abhorred, abused, disgraced.

He stalks the cliffs at dark of night

Because he is well versed

In subjects that would twist the soul:

His price to pay, his curse.

The house it screams and screams and screams

And screams and screams and screams

His heart it tears and yearns and burns

And screams and screams and screams

For in the attic above the stair

A secret lay in wait,

A disaster in a wedding ring,

A ring that sealed their fate.

But soon a girl will reappear!

A lady dressed in blue,

And from the ashes of their wreck,

Atonement and renew.

But till that day he stalks the moors

A ghost in muted flesh,

Waiting for she who has the key

To give him final rest.



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