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The Conductor

Within a land of trees,

Beneath a foliage of leaves,

There lived a frog,

A tiny frog,

The leader of a froggy symphony.

His pattern was bright blue,

Twas a blue you never knew,

But the frogs would see,

And to them they'd flee,

To their conductor through and through.

And the colors were divine!

In the darkness, they'd all shine,

They'd stand in rows,

Together they'd glow,

And perform a show of immaculate design.

The croaking would abound!

And what a joyous sound!

The rain would aid,

The chorus played,

And our conductor would croak so proud.

And then the symphony would end,

And to the trees they'd all ascend,

Towards the sky,

They'd say goodbye,

Leaving only our talented little froggy friend.



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