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I remember when you asked me

To watch the stars with you.

The night was on fire, emblazoned with meteors,

Though I stood there shivering

Like a sailor lost in a sea

That was falling around him.

A million lifetimes were lived

On the balcony that evening,

Watched by a cosmos that said,

“this is yours, and yours together.”

You stood there dazzling,

Like a girl with the universe

Woven between her fingertips;

Like a girl in Vienna once held

Eternity on a balcony on a cool

Summer night like this one.

You looked at me and I melted

At the supernova of you

Because I knew that if I stared too long

I’d start to believe in the heliocentric nature of us:

You were destined to be my star,

Always pulling me towards your orbit.



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